Custom Products

At we can manufacture 100% Custom USB Drives, 100% Custom Ear Buds, 100% Custom Power Banks and 100% Custom Cables to meet your promotional needs. We can take your concept, logo or idea and transform them into functional products that your clients will use on a daily basis. Best of all, they will think of you when they are using them.

Enable your clients to recharge while reenforcing your brand with our Custom Power Bank. We have a variety of options to print or custom mold your power bank to make it unique so it will stand out in a crowd. We offer a standard 2,600 MAH giving you a solid product that offers a reliable charge.

Custom USB drives are our specialty. Whether you are trying to take a concept and turn it into an attention grabbing USB drive or you need an exact replica, we can meet your needs in a timely, cost effective manner.

With 100% Custom Ear Buds you can give your clients something they will use every day while promoting your brand in a highly visible way. Custom Ear Buds make a great promotional product and have a very attractive price point. These are especially great for sports teams and universities.

With our Custom Cables you can link you brand while your client is linking to their computer or portable device. Like your custom ear buds, these make for a cost effective promotional gift that is sure to be used on a daily basis by your clients.